The emergency room of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital is expanding and doubling thanks to the setting up of two fully equipped prefabricated buildings supplied by Emergency Solutions.
The separate paths for patients with Covid symptoms are managed even better and the ability to carry out swabs is enhanced: these are some of the measures adopted by the Florentine Pediatric Hospital on the eve of the winter season, which this year is even more difficult for the Coronavirus epidemiological emergency.

Preparations to adapt the structure dedicated to the emergency began last summer, with the development of a project that would allow children with symptoms compatible with Coronavirus infection to be separated more and more clearly, right up to the entrance and those who go to the emergency room without suspicious symptoms.
In anticipation of the greater number of accesses related to the reopening of schools and the winter period, the hospital has decided to proceed with an expansion of spaces and greater physical separation, through structural and organizational changes.

In an area inside the hot chamber, two prefabricated structures have been positioned that will separate patients from the moment of access. In the first, the pre_triage will be carried out.
Patients with suspected symptoms for Covid will be evaluated within the second facility, in direct continuity with the waiting room of the emergency room assigned to the Covid path.


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