Shelter sanitari per Marina Militare

Emergency Solutions developed an advanced modular medical unit for the Italian Navy compost by three isolated containers.
The company is specialized in the preparation of mobile modular hospitals that represent immediate and effective solutions to meet all emergency needs for medical assistance.

These include expandable shelters suitable for field use and mainly required by institutional, military, and civil organizations. In particular, the operating room in the expandable shelter proposed by Emergency Solutions also contains the technical compartment in a single module measuring 6x2.5x2.5m in height.
This allows with only one truck and trailer, to transport the first aid system, which consists of a complete and equipped first aid for pre and post-operation and a support unit, equipped with tanks for the diesel generator and the water.

All modules are made in ISO standard shelters, easy to handle and transport. The expandable shelters with Emergency Solutions technology can be put operational with a single user in a few minutes and allow you to have more than twenty-seven square meters sterile environment, ready to be used for healthcare activities.

This type of system, consisting of three isolated containers, two of them used as an outpatient clinic and semi-intensive therapy, and one as a support unit was delivered in June 2014 to the San Marco Brigade of Brindisi.



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Emergency Solutions, provides modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to the needs of hospital restructuring and in health and humanitarian emergencies.