shelter per la creazione di ospedali da campoThe shelters for mobile installation are usable for the protection of electronic and high-level medical technology. They are used in open spaces, by, military and civil organizations, and their wide dissemination and application is mainly due to the numerous advantages that these products offer compared to traditional mobile units (tents, prefabrications, etc.), for example, more secure protection equipment, higher mechanical performance, greater facility of movement and assembly, as well as longer service life.

Made with:
Structure and panels in sandwich setup to provide thermal and acoustic insulation
Base module with mobility that characterizes the ISO shipping containers of 20'
Shelter Monovolume "1V" with an internal floor area of 11.3 square meters
Shelter Bivolume "2V" with an internal floor area of 20.5 square meters
Shelter Trivolume "3V" with an internal floor area of 27 square meters

What we offer in addition:
Technological systems integrated into modules
Independent access to technical unit modules
Can be configured according to the user's needs

Emergency Cura

  • Emergency Solutions fornisce spazi sanitari immediati permettendo in tempi rapidi di adattarsi alle continue evoluzioni tecnologiche in atto in questa epoca
  • Studiamo e realizziamo per voi soluzioni avanzate per rispondere alle minacce globali di salute
  • Emergency Solutions provides immediate healthcare space allowing rapid adaption to the continuous technological evolutions underway in this era
  • We study and realize advanced solutions for you to respond to global health threats
Emergency Solutions, fornisce ospedali mobili modulari, in grado di rispondere ad esigenze di ristrutturazione dell'ospedale e in caso di emergenze sanitarie ed umanitarie.
Emergency Solutions supplies modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to hospital restructuring needs and in the event of health and humanitarian emergencies.
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