Our container leveling system applies to standard ISO corners typical of shelters or containers and allows their leveling. This system is a transportable device, it's made by a rack and irreversible worm gear reducer. This device can be used for shelters or containers that must be leveled quickly and economically from the trucks to the ground and vice versa.

Model: TE 100 020
• Max capacity/set (4 jacks= 1 set): 20t 
• Lift capacity/jack: 8t / jack safety crank
• Lifting stroke:500 mm o/a height: 1431 mm
• Useful under a slope up to 2%
• Wind load Charge < 64 km/h

General parameters:
• Carrying capacity system of 4 supports: up to 20T set (44.000 lbs).
• Carrying capacity per support: 10T set (22.000 lbs).
• Surface: hot dipped galvanized, paint acc. RAL or NATO.
• Appliable for container height 2438mm or 2591mm 1C or 1CC.
• Foot plates 280mm x 280mm, other measures on request.
• No export authorization is required from the Italian government.
• The effort to the ratchet cranks is less than 175N.

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