Sollevamento automatico containersAUTOMATIC LIFTING System for SHELTERS applicable to ISO corners that allow both lifting and leveling. The system is transportable device which include four lifters with motors, each of which consist of rack and worm screw reducer irreversible. These devices can be used for shelters and containers which can be quickly and economically elevated from the floor to the truck and vice versa. The lifting function can be carried out with the aid of only two operators, for mounting, and a single operator for handling.

In transport configuration, to stand by the road shape, they are folded on the short walls of the shelters. The construction is light type, with gear worm supplied to us by Vervel (our historical trusted supplier), irreversible, with a high reduction ratio, made of cast aluminum which gives the handling system and lightweight, with high operational ease and maintenance-free. The hoisting elements in combination with the shelter form an extremely stable and robust configuration. Of the support plates, largely dimentioned, allow the use of the device outdoors and on uneven floors.

The use is normally done by two hoisting elements controlled simultaneously by a connecting shaft. Additionally each element can be operated individually for leveling the Shelter thanks to a remote control. The lifting devices are removable and easily nestable.

The main performance features are:
• System lifting capacity: 10t
• Individual linkage capacity: 5t
• Stroke of lifting: 1750 mm

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