MOTORI INDUSTRIALI EX VM SERIE SENGINES ENDOTHERMIC cooled by forced air, designed by VM Motori we found the spare parts warehouse and production is still relevant today for over twenty years.

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We have bought the rights to produce and stock spare parts of air-cooled engines that were previously produced by VM Motors. We can supply our services all around the world.

These endothermic engines have been produced for over thirty years for industrial use, this assures robustness, security, reliability, and functionality at all temperatures, in all environmental conditions, without controls. Air cooling, in the history of internal combustion engines, has been applied in various fields: from single-cylinder motorcycle engines to automobile engines, to more sophisticated engines like the "24 Hours of Le Mans." Small agricultural engines, of large power for the operation of machinery and industrial installations, to complex radial engines for aircraft. Air was chosen for the characteristics of this type of cooling: simplicity, reliability, low maintenance, and safe operation in critical conditions. With the air you can cool everything as long as you know the key points of each application and the critical points of the engines. Air-cooling systems already existed at the dawn of the manufacturing of these engines. The most powerful engine in the world with this type of cooling is still the V.12130 IS 550 hp which is at the top of the range of our production. Durability, longevity, and reliability superior to any other construction on the market remain the primary aim of the project, which is why, after many years of experience, technological progress has not changed the basic architecture of the family. As one of the basic objectives of product policy, the new engine series also retains the main morphological features involved in the concept of modularity and interchangeability. All the design efforts were concentrated on the renewal of the active parts, making the most of those recent developments in the technologies of acquired modern diesel engines, which had a decisive contribution to the experience and research.

The production of internal combustion engines consists of three main sizes:
- V6130 6-cylinder engines
- V8130 8-cylinder engines
- V12130 12-cylinder engines

All versions are available with turbo aspiration.

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