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Isolation is used for patients with infectious agents, who, require additional precautions beyond the standard precautions used for all patients.
Isolation is used to minimize the risk of transmitting pathogens to other people, particularly the most fragile people, and to care staff.
In the design of the department for isolation from infectious diseases, the account is taken of the access and exit routes with relative dressing and undressing, negative pressures within the most contaminated rooms, with the same criteria, but positive pressures, in the case of intensive care where the patient is immunosuppressed.
Filtration and air exchanges comply with the regulations, both in pressurized rooms and in positive pressure rooms.

In the modular departments for isolation and intensive care, there is also a traffic light system for opening doors and pressure gauges indicating the pressure gradients between adjacent environments.
High-efficiency UVpro sterilization of ambient air is also provided which guarantees reliable disinfection of internal air; the sanitization system includes sensors that alert when the sanitizing devices have reached the end of their life or if any malfunctions are present.
Based on the same technology, entire hospitalization wards for infectious patients can also be created according to the exemption contained in art. 4, c.2 of the Legislative Decree 17/3/2020

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