Surgical instruments sterilization prefabricated building

The prefabricated building used for the sterilization of surgical instruments complies with the Ispsel guidelines on sterilization activities as collective protection from biological agents for the operator in healthcare facilities (Legislative Decree 626/94).

Operators have to work safely, aware that they are processing biological material; to do this, paths and procedures must be respected. The air conditioning system includes compartmentalized environments with different pressure gradients, with absolute filtration and several spare parts now controlled. One of our projects had the U.S. American hospital as its final customer.

Naval Support – Site Gricignano di Aversa In June 2020 we installed a prefabricated building used for sterilizing surgical instruments serving the operating block. The structure built on a parking lot was operational during the renovation of the sterilization which was made unusable during the works. In the end, it was transferred to another Partenope hospital and is still operational today, also for the outsourced sterilization service of other hospitals.

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