operating room

Our modular structures are ideal for complete hospitals, operating rooms, sterilization centers, intensive care units, I.C.U. 

The Equipped Mobile Units proposed by Emergency Solutions allow hospitals subject to renovation, to continue to work during the works.

We act by creating a real "identical island"  in layout and contents to the one where the works are underway, thus avoiding inconveniences to patients and operators and keeping biological safety under control.

The Mobile Units are primarily used in temporary unavailability and can also be configured in other scenarios, as part of planned activities.

The strong point of our solution is the speed of installation: upon arrival of the units, it is sufficient to prepare the connections with all the main systems.

The availability of a flat area, even if only asphalted, allows the installation of a standard module, such as an operating room, in just one week.

The temporary operating rooms are made with prefabricated modules, connected to create a unique structure perfectly isolated from the outside, in a garden, on a terrace, or in a basement, without the need for permanent measures using only mini plinths or even on supports.

The surgical activity, in full compliance with the regulations, continues, not subjecting the patient and healthcare personnel to the stress of the renovation, significantly reducing the duration of the works and reducing the coexistence times of the renovation and ordinary activities.

In the experience at the zoo prophylactic institute in Palermo, in the photo, a temporary operating block was installed with one operating room, a stable, and related ancillary rooms.




Emergency Solutions, fornisce ospedali mobili modulari, in grado di rispondere ad esigenze di ristrutturazione dell'ospedale e in caso di emergenze sanitarie ed umanitarie.
Emergency Solutions supplies modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to hospital restructuring needs and in the event of health and humanitarian emergencies.
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