Health care prefabricate building

As with insulated containers, healthcare environments can be created with prefabricated modules, they usually travel disassembled in a 
flat pack configuration and are assembled at the destination, this allows you to save significant logistics costs. We have installed structures throughout Italy to make up for temporary unavailability or permanent creations.
Prefabricated Buildings are designed following different climatic conditions. 
These buildings can be disassembled, their sizes can easily be changed and may be repeatedly used due to their modular assembly features. 
Their assembly is also very easy because they are connected using bolts and nuts and because they have a light construction.
We offer a full range of configurations with the aim of dispatch and transportation of Prefabricated healthcare facilities.

The modules can be set up with different solutions, depending on hospital needs.

Any environment can be created, to our credit the new MRI of the Santa Maria delle Scotte hospital in Siena 4S of lot 3 in a specially created prefabricated building, the Radiology and CT department of the Norcia Hospital rebuilt in record time after the earthquake, and also a stabulary with Operating theatre in IZS in Palermo Italy.

Emergency Solutions, fornisce ospedali mobili modulari, in grado di rispondere ad esigenze di ristrutturazione dell'ospedale e in caso di emergenze sanitarie ed umanitarie.
Emergency Solutions supplies modular mobile hospitals, capable of responding to hospital restructuring needs and in the event of health and humanitarian emergencies.
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